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Another Change in The Covid Alert Phase - rediscover yourself

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

“ Redirect your attention from what is missing to focusing on what you are grateful for”

I hear you – We are back in Lockdown!

· How long for this time?

· There goes coffee with my friends tomorrow!

· What am I going to do at home?

· When will I get to see my family & friends in person?

· OMG I must pop to the supermarket?

· Is It safe?

· Will my Friends and Family be ok?

· How will I financially survive?

These and so many more questions emotion’s thoughts and feelings race through our minds when we hear “lockdown”, the new and uncertain times since Covid 19 entered our world!

Imagine how it would feel if you changed those concerns and challenges into positive potentials of possibility!

How amazing would that feel?

Turning those self-limiting thoughts to positive change.

Instead of saying what will I miss out on – saying what am I thankful for in my life.

Our day is often busy, and we go through the motions almost on auto-pilot, not always noticing what happens, the day passes and we just accept and move on. Just for a moment imagine one day and notice the events and your daily tasks up to the end of the day. I expect there are far more things that have gone unnoticed in the day than you realised, they just occurred and that’s ok.

· Acknowledge all those events and make a list.

· What do you observe from your days action’s?

· How many of them in the past did you feel grateful for?

· Are your habit’s serving you or our they limiting you?

· Now that you have your list – What stands out to you?

Focusing on what you don’t have or can not do means you will always be searching for more.

Seeing what you do have and being thankful enriches your life.

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