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Soul Power Kinesiology

"The Energy of the mind is the essence of life"


Soul Power Kinesiology is a trinity of therapies, Aura-Soma, subtle Anatomy Etheric Energy work and Kinesiology. With the amazing tool of Kinesiology, muscle monitoring we can access the deep unconscious, beyond the conscious mind.

Aura-Soma allows us to open up the seat of the soul, to gently look within. The Soul Power Kinesiology then allows us to access the subconscious to determine how the body would like to be healed.

With the aid of Kinesiology and colour we are able to identify stressors to the system which inhibit our wellbeing and success in life. Connecting to the Soul level, with the aid of colour and Aura-Soma, assisting the body too balance on all dimensions (physical, emotional, spiritual and mental). Using universal energy, to work on the subtle anatomy patterns of the Etheric body. This procedure can be carried out at present age and age regression can be used if necessary.  11/2  Hour session  $190
Soul Power Kinesiology Level 4 asicat

 Reiki Universal energy
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