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Teresa Saunders
Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist

A little more information about what I offer

Hypnotherapy is an every day experience we go into without realizing, examples of this is when we are totally engaged in the moment, just allowing our self to be, without actually consciously doing and time just goes past, like when we get into the car and drive from A to B and we just arrive, or when we are engrossed in a book or movie, these are forms of hypnotic state. 


Hypnotherapy works with the unconscious mind.  Our unconscious mind stores our memories and the emotions connected to each memory. These stored memories can enable us to be living a limited life and preventing us from moving forwards, if you want too live the life you dream of the life you desire and have challenges holding you back such as anxiety, stress, phobia's, pain, past trauma, self sabotage, lack of confidence or want to manage your weight or quit smoking.  Hypnotherapy can support you to make those changes .

Holistic Health

I specialize in a variety of  Holistic Health Modalities such as but not limited to Bowen Therapy, Reiki and Soul Power Kinesiology.  I believe it is important we embrace all parts of our  personal health ,  physical, emotional, social, spiritual or intellectual as a whole. 


As an experienced practitioner I work with you to restore balance and harmony to your life.  From such a young age we form attachment's and our reactions to these cause our behaviour. These stories may run out in lives unconsciously so we are accepted by others and aren't our true self.  We then become at dis - ease, until we recognise why ?  We can use this time of injury, illness or dis-ease as an opportunity to learn. To get to know who you are?  

Life Coaching

By using a variety of tools, I coach you to identify and  resolve negative and challenging behaviours to positive possibilities of potential.  Imagine if you could develop a better picture of yourself :-


  • What would that be?

  • What would you accomplish?

  • How would you think? 

  • Our Thoughts  create feelings which become actions. Are you ready to think better, feel better, become better?

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